What is the FutureBrand Index and how can you use it?

The FutureBrand Index is a global perception study of the PwC Global Top 100 Companies by market capitalization. 

It is by now received wisdom that how far a company addresses objectives beyond pure financial performance is an important driver of future success.

This principle applies even to the world’s largest companies; they can be congratulated for attaining high valuations today but the broader perceptions of those who may buy from, invest in or work for them provide strong signals about their ability to thrive into tomorrow.

Now in its third year, the Index offers the only rigorous assessment of how future proof the world’s 100 most prominent companies are, based on the views of an informed global public. The companies are measured across the six key perception categories that in FutureBrand’s experience provide the most relevant signals, from fostering trust to driving innovation and being indispensable to our lives. This produces a ranking at whose pinnacle stand the ‘future brands’, a set of companies judged to have the right qualities in balance. Some of these companies may be surprising.

In previous years, our research has demonstrated that organizations qualifying as ‘future brands’ have a measurable competitive advantage, because more people want to buy from, pay more and work for them. Not just that, but there is often an inverse relationship – or ‘cap gap’ - between financial performance and perception strength.

For the first time ever, in addition to new trend analysis, interactive perception data and success drivers by sector, the 2016 FutureBrand Index reveals how ‘future brands’ outperform the Top 100 year on year in terms of market capitalization. It also explores the rise of consumer services organizations in the context of digital transformation and the new rules of customer experience. 

Global Top 10 rankings

Company FBI Ranking Market Cap Ranking Cap Gap Sector
1 (2) 1 0 Technology
2 (3) 3 +1 Technology
3 (7) 33 +30 Consumer Goods
4 (no change) 34 +30 Consumer Services
5 (no change)78 +73 Healthcare
6 (21) 6 0 Technology
7 (11) 30 +23 Consumer Goods
8 (34) 9 +1 Consumer Services
9 (no change) 98 +89 Healthcare
10 (6) 49 +39 Healthcare